get to know female k-pop idols: solo artists

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Ailee & Amber ❤ Angry Face

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I hope life treats you kind 
And I hope you have all you've dreamed of. 
And I wish to you, joy and happiness. 
But above all this, I wish you love. 
And I will always love you. (x)

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"i want to keep enjoying this stage, i want to go slowly, without being greedy. there are more stairs to climb in the future. rising faster would make it hard to breathe."

140209 ♡ happy second anniversary to lee yejin

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Hyorin & Ailee - Let it go

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Kpop Concepts: Ailee
A’s Dollhouse

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TWITTER PARTY OF THE ENGLISH SPEAKERS (omg haha lol this is the best) 



This is awesome!!!!

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